Eau Claire senior living options include independent living, assisted living and memory care

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The following are some common benchmarks that may signal a time to consider a move to a senior living, senior apartments, or memory care facility in Eau Claire, Altoona, and Chippewa Falls. You may recognize only a few, or many may be of concern. The symptoms may be occasional or frequent. Only you can decide whether they are significant enough to make a change. If you need guidance, consult your doctor or an elder care professional. For more information, see our article on signs it might be time for assisted living.


• Loss of peer support systems
• Withdrawal from social events, friends family
• Excessive sleep or abnormal daily schedule
• Depression
• Inadequate social stimulation
• Fear and insecurity when alone
• Depleted or insufficient caregiver resources (family, neighbors, friends, paid help)


  • Lack of interest in personal appearance/hygiene
  • Difficulty showering or bathing
  • Difficulty managing laundry
  • Disinterest in general personal health care measures (taking medication correctly, managing a diet, reporting symptoms accurately, following doctor’s orders)
  • Repeated illnesses
  • Difficulty coping with illness
  • Difficulty completing grooming, hygiene or dressing tasks
  • Health conditions need daily or frequent monitoring and management
  • Difficulty with toileting or incontinence


  • Frequent falls or other injuries at home
  • Difficulty summoning assistance
  • Difficulty recognizing and/or managing dangerous situations
  • Difficulty with unusual household chores, handyman and outdoor maintenance tasks
  • Unsafe food handling
  • Difficulty with stairs
  • Unsafe electrical appliance use
  • Impaired mobility and/or senses, resulting in safety concerns
  • Unable to leave home unassisted


  • Confusion about medication schedules
  • Confusion about medication purposes
  • Medication doses are missed
  • Too many doses of medication are taken
  • Non-prescription medications are misused
  • Bottle labels cannot read
  • Medication doses and types are self-adjusted without doctor’s orders
  • Difficulty managing pharmacy contacts to fill and refill medication


  • Reliance on pre-packaged foods/snacks for meals
  • Reliance on one meal to last the entire day
  • Unable to get groceries independently
  • Difficulty using or fear of stove and/or oven
  • Difficulty planning and preparing a meal
  • On the “Cheerio Diet” – main course is cereal
  • Dehydration
  • Changes in appetite or weight, such as weight loss


  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Disorientation of time, person or place
  • Difficulty managing day-to-day responsibilities
  • Excessive reliance on family or friends
  • Diminished interest in hobbies or activities that have previously been enjoyed
  • Anxiety and aggression
  • Compromised judgement skills
  • Frequent need for cues, prompts and reminders

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Redefine your idea of Eau Claire senior living and memory care

Independent Living Community

Imagine being a part of the Eau Claire senior living community, while remaining a part of a neighborhood, without the burdens of yard and home maintenance. For more on independent living, Learn More »

Memory care and dementia facility

For those living with the challenges of Alzheimer’s and dementia, we provide security, independence, empowerment, and honor for you or your loved one. See more about our memory care and our memory care facility. Eau Claire Memory Care »

Assisted Living Facility

Maintain your lifestyle by adding a few supportive services and countless conveniences, like light housekeeping and wellness care. Enjoy assisted living in Eau Claire. Learn More »

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What Our Residents and Their Families are Saying About Us
“What a beautiful gesture when I found that lovely plant on my counter. Yet another reason to count my blessings for having found you.”
“We can’t thank you enough for all you did for our mom. You made her last days as comfortable as possible. We will always be thankful for your very professional, yet caring approach to every aspect of our contact with you. Do not underestimate that as you continue to serve people who are in their final days or years, that anyone can have a business, but you by your approach, show a genuine concern that’s hard to come by these days.“
“Thank you Memory Care staff for your wonderful care of mom. We cannot adequately express our thanks for your team always seeming to know what mom needs and to make her genuinely cared for. Kindness is never forgotten!”
“A grateful thank you to the cooking and services crew. We truly appreciate the great meals you put out!”
“I have so much to be thankful in my new home. To all The Classic staff, you are such a big part of my thankfulness. You are so thoughtful, caring, and willing to help me through my difficult days. Blessings to all!”
“Thank you for your professionalism, your kindness, and your abundant patience. We have required all of these attributes of you over the past many days and you have assisted us with smiles at every turn. None of the other facilities we visited had the same vibrant sense of community that we have witnessed and experience here. We feel blessed that our parents’ daily care is entrusted to you.”
“I want you to know that your concern, care, and commitment to my feeling comfortable and “at home,” has been a bountiful blessing. Your open, happy, welcoming smiles are a real day brightener. How beautiful a day is when kindness touches it!”
“I have happily lived with you for one year, one month, and one week. Had I searched the whole wide world, I don’t believe I would have found this perfect place. I wanted to live comfortably and in my “home of happiness!” And now I have found it. I live the sought-after classic lifestyle right here at The Classic! All the staff is the final link in my circle of content. Bless you all.”