Thanks to WQOW TV-18, the Chippewa Valley was able to get a glimpse of the fantastic restaurant and food operation our residents have access to on a daily basis. Our own Palmer’s Restaurant was highlighted during a news segment on TV-18 this week.


Below is the script from the news piece.

Hospitals, gas stations, and sometimes, nursing homes and assisted living communities — they can all be known for sub-par food.

In the past, some nursing homes and assisted living facilities were sometimes known for their bad food. But one local assisted living facility is known for the opposite.

The Classic at Hillcrest Green in Altoona is a little different than your typical assisted living and memory care facility. They don’t have a cafeteria, but rather a restaurant.

Residents at the Hillcrest don’t get a schedule of what they’re eating every day of the week. They get a menu to choose from, and the food is cooked to order. Ralph Hudson a resident at the Classic said he loves all of the different options.

“When we come into the dining room, we have a diet which is what’s scheduled for that day, but then you don’t have to take that you can have a menu and so it’s very widespread and it’s extremely good,” said Hudson.

Residents also don’t have a set schedule as to when they can eat. They can come to Palmer’s Restaurant whenever they’re hungry.

The restaurant opens every day at 7:00 a.m. and the kitchen closes at 7:00 p.m.

“What I thought about when we started the Classic was what would I want and what would I want for my grandma. And I wouldn’t want to be told when to eat or what to eat. I knew that I wanted that flexibility and I would want that for someone that I loved, so to me it was a simple choice,” said Jennifer Rooney, owner of the Classic at Hillcrest Greens.

Rooney said right now the waiting list to live at the Classic is about two years. She said part of the reason it takes so long to get in is because of the fine dining.

The restaurant isn’t open to public, but family and friends of the residents are welcome.